August 2, 2015

Wedding Band Workshop

The Do It Yourself – Make Your Own Wedding Rings Experience

In The Wedding Band Workshop, couples will make custom a wedding ring for each other. He makes yours and you make his, or you can make one individually. You will be coached to work hands-on with the gold of your choice. This is a simple, beginners level process that is straightforward and easy to follow. You will be coached through the entire process, step-by-step. In the end, you will have created a set of high-quality wedding rings to stand the test of time. 

Spend the day with your significant other in an action-packaged workshop experience. You will be coached through a combination of jewelry-making techniques to make your rings. In the end, you will walk away with a set of wedding rings, jewelry-making knowledge, and priceless memories.

The Labor of Love

In this DIY workshop, you will use a variety of basic jewelry-making techniques and have the opportunity to measure, cut, form, solder, sand, and polish your rings to perfection. After you have made your own custom wedding rings you can take them at the end of the workshop or leave them for further embellishments like stone setting, engraving, or Rhodium plating (dipping).

The types of metal that you can choose to use in The Wedding Band Workshop to make your own wedding rings are White gold (18K & 14K), Yellow gold (18k & 14K), and Rose gold (18K & 14K). Platinum is also available for those wanting to work with premium material.

How YOU Make Your Own Wedding Ring

The approach to making your wedding rings will be a fabrication approach. This means you will start with an already formed ring ingot. You will then use a jewelers saw to trim your piece to length. After that, you will transform the preformed ingot into a more familiar ring shape. Using various forming tools, your ring will start to take shape. Once formed, you must solider the ring together and then make that seam disappear. After filing and finishing the rings, your seam will disappear! You will determine the level of finish to give your rings. You can make it a perfect high polish or add texture and matte finish for a less refined look.

The process of making your own rings sounds simple. And with the right coaching, materials, and tools we make it easy. As part of the workshop coaching process, you are set up for success from the start. It is not guaranteed that you won’t make a mistake, but you will not have to deal with it alone. With step-by-step coaching, we make sure you make a ring that you will love.

The Price of the Make Your Wedding Ring Experience

The cost of this DIY workshop is based on two factors; the workshop fee and the cost of your wedding ring material. We will provide you with a written quote for the cost of the materials you choose prior to the workshop. The cost of the metal will vary based on the decisions you make. This includes finger size, width, thickness, and karat of gold. In the end, the cost to create your own gold wedding bands is the same as what you would pay for generic, mass-produced wedding rings. 

Your wedding rings are likely the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear. Give your wedding rings the most meaning and make your own wedding rings. Keep the priceless memories in this fun no experience necessary DIY workshop for a lifetime.

Weddings can be costly and fine jewelry is no different. For this reason, we will try to work with everyone’s budget. Financing options are available through PayPal Credit service. The workshop fee and materials can also be split apart to allow split payment options. Learn more about how pricing works

A Wedding Ring for a Lifetime

These rings are intended to last a lifetime. When finished, you will have a high-quality, custom-made piece of fine jewelry. Using only the best materials and time-tested fabrication techniques, these rings will last a lifetime. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We won’t stop working on your wedding rings until you’re happy. A Lifetime Care protection plan can also be added for additional peace of mind. This service will also cover future ring sizing and or any service jewelry may need in the future.

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