Time to make an engagement ring

Making a Ring – How Long Will it Take?

When tackling any type of do-it-yourself project most of us will factor in some extra time for a learning curve the first time around. This is also a good practice when you make a wedding ring. A good amount of time and patience should also be included when working to make fine-quality wedding and engagement Read more about Making a Ring – How Long Will it Take?[…]

Finding the best jeweler near you

Best Place to Buy Engagement Ring Near You

Buying an Engagement Ring or Wedding Rings The process for most guys when buying an engagement ring these days starts off with a Google search for some arbitrary term like the best place to buy an engagement ring near me. While Google, in its all mighty powerful search results will return a list of great Read more about Best Place to Buy Engagement Ring Near You[…]

Wedding Ring Metal Matters

When tackling DIY projects, many Makers will search through their existing collection of useful but unused materials they have lying around the garage. This well-intentioned approach to upcycling is noble but probably not the best approach when making something as important as your wedding ring. Having the right materials and tools for the job make Read more about Wedding Ring Metal Matters[…]

Making a Wedding Ring 5 Steps

Your engagement ring and wedding rings are one of, if not the most, important pieces of jewelry you will ever own. For this reason, many people wish to make their wedding jewelry more meaningful by making it themselves. Today, thanks largely impart to the internet, it is now easier than ever to learn how to Read more about Making a Wedding Ring 5 Steps[…]

TOP 3 – Vintage Engagement Rings

As timeless and classic designs from the past renew themselves in elegant and ornate wedding jewelry. Vintage-inspired engagement ring jewelry continues to make an important statement. It is no secret that trends come and go, only to return later down the road on the center stage. This diamond accented antiquity inspired engagement ring can be Read more about TOP 3 – Vintage Engagement Rings[…]

Halo engagement rings

Trending Halo Engagement Rings

These trending 2020 Halo Engagement Rings continue to be hot in 2021. All these halo engagement ring designs can be customized with GIA certified diamonds, Lab-Grown Diamonds, or Moissanite. Made in solid 14K or 18K gold these bespoke engagement rings are eye-catching works of art! Customize your engagement ring today. Every ring shown here is Read more about Trending Halo Engagement Rings[…]

Bespoke Wedding Jewelry

Bespoke wedding jewelry means that it is unique, tailor made or very special in some way. All of these ingredients of bespoke wedding jewelry is found in the DIY Wedding Band Workshop. In this one of a kind workshop excursion you make your wedding rings for each other, hands on. No experience necessary. You are Read more about Bespoke Wedding Jewelry[…]

lab grown diamonds in a variety of colors

How Lab-Grown Diamonds are Created

Lab-grown diamonds are an increasingly popular, attractively priced center stone option. In the past few years, there has been a growing trend in bridal jewelry toward the interest and acceptance of lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds got their start in the β€˜50s with General Electric β€” yes, the power company. Although General Electric pioneered lab-grown diamonds, Read more about How Lab-Grown Diamonds are Created[…]