August 2, 2015

Wedding Band Workshop

DIY wedding band workshop

The Do It Yourself Experience

In The Wedding Band Workshop, couples will make custom rings for each other. He makes yours and you make his, or you can make one individually. You will be coached to work hands-on with the gold of your choice. This is a simple, beginners level process and is pretty much fool-proof, but that is not to say that there isn’t still a great deal of work involved!  Bring your camera to take pictures or videos to capture this unforgettable experience.

The Labor of Love

In this DIY workshop, you will use a variety of basic jewelry making techniques and have the opportunity to measure, cut, form, solder, sand, and polish your rings to perfection. After you have made your custom wedding rings you can take them at the end of the workshop or leave them for further embellishments like stone setting, engraving, or Rhodium plating (dipping).

The types of metal that you can choose to use in The Wedding Band Workshop are White gold (18K & 14K), Yellow gold (18k & 14K), and Rose gold (18K & 14K).

The Price of the Experience

The cost for this DIY workshop is based on two factors; the workshop fee and the cost of your materials. We will provide you with a written quote for the cost of the materials you choose prior to the workshop. The cost of the metal will vary based on several decisions you make including finger size, width, thickness, and karat of gold. The cost to create your own gold wedding bands in this one of a kind experience is usually about the same as what you would pay for generic, mass produced rings.  Click here to learn more about pricing

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