August 20, 2015


Karat: Choose from 18k 14K gold.

Colors: Choose from yellow, rose or white gold.

Below is more information on the metals you have to choose from. Please keep in mind that the color displayed will vary by the device you view it on, but these examples still should give you the general level of contrast between your available options.

Yellow gold is alloyed with copper, silver, and zinc. 18K gold is the most traditional choice for a wedding band. 18K is strong, richer in color, and since it contains 75% pure gold, it is the more precious option. 14K gold has a lighter hue, great durability and offers great value in price.

Rose gold options in 14K and 18K

Rose gold like yellow gold, is alloyed with copper, silver, and zinc. More copper is incorporated and less silver is added, resulting in a warmer hue. There is not enough copper to turn your finger green (a common concern).


White gold can be alloyed in a variety of ways, but in this workshop, we work with a gold alloyed with copper, silver, and palladium which makes it brilliant white in color, extremely durable, and hypoallergenic.

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