August 20, 2015

Texture and Finish

The available combinations of color, karat, texture, and finish give you countless ways to customize your wedding rings and make them unique to fit your style and personality. Below are a few examples of the most common combinations.


Two very popular finishes are a brushed florentine finish and a traditional high polished finish.

The brushed finish is still shiny, but softer in appearance than a polished wedding ring with less pronounced reflection. Different degrees of the texture can be applied from a very course rough look to a softer, smoother finish as pictured here. A brushed look is great at offering a modern but rustic look.

The high polish finish is very traditional and elegant. The high shine of the high polish makes the wedding ring stand out and gives a very clean look to a traditional wedding band. Although scratching will be more pronounced on a high polished wedding band, the hardness of gold will maintain a high luster.


High polished yellow gold is a classic and timeless choice for your wedding bands. Both 18K or 14K produce a very high shine and offer a clean and classy look. The high shine does a great job reflecting light and exploiting the natural luster of the gold.

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Rose gold gives a very warm and unique look to wedding rings that has become increasingly popular. This is an 18K Rose gold men’s wedding band with a hammered texture and a brushed finish, next to a high polished 18K yellow ring guard. A brushed finish or high polish can be applied to textured ring such as this.

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A hammered texture with a high polish produces great shine. The texture helps reflect light into different directions and gives sparkle to the wedding ring. The dimples of the hammered finish add more depth and character that make your ring pop!


Known for its bright white silver color and common use in jewelry, sterling silver is a beautiful material to work with. It is easy to form, texture and polish. Many couples choose to work with sterling because its price is substantially lower than other precious metals. It is important to note that while sterling silver is strong enough to be worn daily, it is a very soft metal and prone to scratches and changing shape over time. A wedding band is intended to last a lifetime, so it is important to consider the pros and cons on silver wedding bands very carefully.

See the different metals, karats, and color

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